Monday, March 09, 2009


Update from kuching.

Finally i bought a card reader for my memory card to transfer the photo to my laptop so that i can post it up to my blog.
Thats the house we are currently staying in kuching. Small but comfortable and the rental is cheap.

Interior of the house.

I am currently still in OPD, until end of this march and i will go to the ward. Life here is fine, not to say i super like it, and not to say i dislike it. Sometimes, it can be boring because i have nothing much to do here except work, sleep or maybe exploring around.

Over here, i totally cannot survive without internet. That is the only way i stay connected to everyone.
To train in Sarawak General Hospital, i think it is really good. If you ask me would i consider to stay here? I am still indecisive.I feel that the lifestyle here starts to kill me, and the feeling of loneliness (sometimes) really me make me wanna go to some where else.

- IMU buddies, HS is holding the camera.

Especially your work load is so heavy and you are force to do something you dont like. Like the project i am doing, i dont see any point of doing it. Who cares what the result is, as long i pass PRP year. Why spending more time and more energy to do something that does not give any benefit?

- Watching Dato Lee lost to Lin Dan
Although my time is fully occupied with all my work, i do feel the emptiness.

Looking back the pictures with my friends, i really missing all of you. Especially the special occasion we used to celebrate together. I feel like having a time machine, bring me back to the time we all gathering together.

- The time we travel together.

- The time we spent together.

- The time you celebrate my birthday with me.

- The time in Glasgow.

8 months to go, and i have another chance to choose where i want to be. This year is going to end very fast. I hope it does, i hope.
Destiny sent me here, to train me to be tougher, to be independent.
Feel like singing the song playing in my blog.
I am missing you guys.


ti3nD said...

gambateh man!!! lets pass forensic exam together first!!!! :)

cYbeR FiSh™ said...

mish u mish u mish yeeeew!
cheers to a pass to everyone!

Hazel said...

uncle Lim..ur song and ur pics touched my heart..gan dong gan dong..miss u all much too..sending regards to every1 here..hope to meet u all again =) *cheers*

Lim Wei Meng said...

I hope to turn back the time..I really really hope i can..

Take care everyone..