Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back in action

After 2 months in kuching, i finally got the internet fixed at home.Been disappear from msn for so long and now i gonna online puas puas 24/7.

December is great, so many holidays and how i wish it can be longer. Wont be going back to penang until chinese new year. 4 more weeks to go and i will be home from 22 jan - 2 feb. I am the prp who apply the longest holiday leave, ngek ngek.

3 days ago, during the christmas night, i am counting down at home with my earest laptop.

4 days later will be the new year eve, i hope something for something special. We plan to have a BBQ session at home so i hope we are still carry on with the plan.

Currently i am so busy with my presentation on january. I will have 2 presentations, 1 for CPD and 1 for my research project proposal.
The topic i am doing in 'cefoperazone+metronidazole as antibiotics prophylaxis in pre-operative patients'
2 weeks for us to come up with detail proposal and i am so not in mood to do it. Sometimes i think is a waste of time because the outcome is not going to change any standard protocol which already practice for so many years. Is like doing for the sake of doing it without any objective.Just do to show that we are doing something, no point la. As long as i can pass my prp year. Talking about my preceptor for my research project, i think he is not helping us anything.dont care la, as long as i pass my prp year.

Kuching is not a bad place to be,
1. Much more cleaner, than penang, and for sure than kl.
2. No terrible traffic jam.
3. Lifestyle is much more relaxing, not so hectic.
4. Special foods where you will never get to try in peninsular.

1. Things are 10% more expansive than in peninsular.
2. You cant find Gardenia bread here.
3. No TOPSHOP over here.
4. Only 1 starbucks and 1 coffee bean here.
5. Largest shopping mall is 1/20 size of midvalley.
6. You cannot find prawn mee here.
7. Raining everyday during end of the year.

Anyway, i am happy that i am here rather than in some ulu place la.Will consider to stay here for the next 3 years, to be decided.

I am missing the old good days.
- Missing the time hanging around with my friends,everyone is working at different place now.
- Missing all my buddies, dota-ing together,having fun in glasgow,i miss the time in glasgow.
- Missing the time when i can play badminton 3 times a week.
- Missing the time when i can play futsal at least once a week.
- Missing my penang prawn mee.
- Missing the time when i can stay up late and sleep until the next evening.
- Missing what i am missing...

Will post up pictures when i am free. Continue with my work now..zzz..


levian said...

indeed i'm from kuching. actually i used to be in your blogroll back then, not sure what happened that i was removed. guess that's why we lost the connection. :)

ti3nD said...

gambateh bah uncle, looking fwd to see u during cny :P

levian said...

comparing kl to kuching is like comparing a saber tooth to a cat. don't exhaust yourself, give us a chance! ;)

neemeng said...

uncle u make me dun feel like goin into workin world. i wanna stay here forever haha.