Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Greetings from kuching

Hello everyone, i am already in Kuching for 5 days. I was placed in the enforcement unit for the first 2 weeks. Working environment there is much more relax compare to other department.I was sitting inside the office doing nothing for the whole day,chit chatting, walking around, got la a bit reading la for the undang-undang and stuff. Poison act, regulations and zzzz...

Got to know a group of seniors there and they are really happening. Hope to follow them to go out to airport, port or pos office to do some checking job. At least no need to stay inside the office la. The best thing is the have badminton gang!!! haha.. continue join them for badminton next time.

Kuching here is much different compare to penang. Life here is not so hectic like KL but is much more relaxing. Not much traffic jam problem where u wil stuck in the road without moving for 20 minutes. Things aren't cheap over here. Yesterday, 4 of us, ming ying, sue choo, hee sheong and me went the the largest shopping mall in kuching, named The String.Quiet nice la, but is much more smaller than Midvalley, which is like 1/20 the size of MV,haha!!
I try to check out some items to compare their prices to those in peninsular. And i realised that the prices are slightly more expansive in peninsular. haih..is like that lo..what to do..

Oh ya another depressing thing, our gaji actually not that high. We will get housing allowance for only RM600. For those local, they will get RM250. Meaning we are only RM350 more le. Minus the living cost and renting a place to stay, actually is almost the same lo. -.-'' nevermind la, let me explore this beautiful borneo, i will find it interesting.


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, I never been to Kuching yet neh... Haha... Work hard and enjoy ya!

ti3nD said...

uncle lim, ya that was what i heard also, work in kuching only extra a little, but in sabah you can get extra 1k. -__-"