Friday, October 31, 2008

Next stage begins

Will be leaving to sarawak to start my job as a prp, so this will be the last post before i leave.

I would like to thank all my good friends for celebrating my 23rd birthday.
Thank you so much for the steamboat in penang.
Thank you so much for the birthday cake in kl.
Thank you so much for the sms birthday wishes.
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes in friendster and facebook.
Thank you so much for the birthday card.
Thank you for the farewell dinner.
Thank you for everything.

I really miss the good old days, hanging out and having fun together.
Singing K in red box, mamak-ing together, playing football together, travelling together and etc etc.

After resting for 3 months, now is the time for me to strive again. The time for me to start my career. Gonna work hard and earn enough money to accomplish my goal.

Take care everyone and good luck to my friends who are working as well on the coming monday. Wont be online for a while. Will update my post again once i have internet access.

Good night penang...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

My photography 4

Rather than sitting in front of my laptop doing nothing, i did rather try out the new software again. With the permission of the models ( in the photo ), they agreed to let me post up the pictures. Privacy is something we have to respect, so better ask first.

Nothing much to update recently, other than hanging around with friends for few days because they are having hari raya holiday. Spent quiet a lot and i shall sit at home and not going anywhere else to save my money. Insufficient fund.

ok, here are the pictures.Vote for your favourite effect.

Effect 1

Effect 2

Effect 3

thanks to my 2 models again,haha..Oh ya, good luck to my friends who are going to start working on oct 3. I wish i can start work as soon as possible, i am so broke now!