Monday, September 08, 2008

My photography 2

Recently i am thinking to get a car for myself since i am going to start working very soon, so transportation is a need for me. Should i get a 2nd hand old car or a new car? If a new car, should i get a local car or imported car? Of cos local car is cheaper, but as malaysian, i think you know well how the performance and the quality. On the other hand, imported cars are nicer and better. Especially Toyota which i am thinking, yes is just thinking, the price is really a big burden to me. So, i think the answer will only review once i got to know where am i going to work.

I hope i can get either Vios or City, although the one i prefer the most is accord but sorry ah, the price, ouch!! wallet sakit, gigi pun sakit.

Anyway, here are some pictures i snapped during my visit to Sweden. The city of Stockholm and Kiruna.

Central station Stockholm

Stockholm old town

Kiruna. Frozen River.

Stockholm in winter.

Stockholm city.



Huskey and the dog sledge at Kiruna.



More pictures are up next.


Dragon said...

if u want to get a car, get a new one. if u want local, get perodua instead of proton. if foreign car, get vios or city. if i changed car, i will get myself city. just my point of view.

Yannee said...

really awesome photos!! really wish i can take nice photos like u!! keep it up!

Lim Wei Meng said...

dragon: yea. both of them are high fuel efficiency and durable,haha. thanks for advice.

Yan Nee: thanks.

~ming~ said...

Oh my gosh!! Gorgeous pics!!!!! So so nice!


xh said...

aiyoh! how u take such nice pics wan? :( jealous! mind curi pics? haha..

Lim Wei Meng said...

Hui ming : thanks..:)

Xin hui : take only, no problem.haha

xh said...

dun worry.. nt going to plagarise :p just for own collection saja.. since i couldnt get such a nice pics there & then..hehe.. TQ :)

ahmein0520 said...

New car better cos if you loan have lower interest rate than 2nd hand car.