Friday, August 08, 2008

Graduation photo

Here comes my graduation photos after such a long time.


For those who have their pictures with me, i will edit your photo like this.Either half body or full body portrait. If you have family pictures with me as well, i will choose the best shot and edit it as well. Sorry because i am unable to post up all the pictures over here due the 'ligth speed' internet connection in malaysia.



If you want to print out the pictures, please let me know and i shall let you know the price. Anyother special request, let me know as well.

How to deliver to you? I will bring it down during or convocation on 23 august.

If you have any pictures and want me to edit it for you, i can edit it for FREE. You either ask me to print or not to print out the pictures for u. Just email or send me the pictures on msn. Oh ya, framing is available as well. I would suggest framing without glass, to prevent the photo to stick on the glass and can prevent breakage as well. The photo will be laminated with a layer of durable soft plastic on the surface.

Any other details, please contact me before 16 august so i will hve enough time to edit the pictures and print it out before i leave to KL. See you guys on on 23..


Anonymous said...


ti3nD said...

good good :)

Akira 思胜 said...

Congratulations ya!!! The costume is so great!!!

ginger said...

AHAHAHAHA! danny boy wear skirt!! blek!!
congrats la cousin!