Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back Home..

Finally i am back to Penang after 13 months. Currently i am doing nothing over here, quiet boring, hope to make my time more occupy. One thing i seriously cannot stand over here, is not the super hot weather but the internet speed.

Steamyx is the 'fastest' in malaysia, what a shame la. Is damn freaking slow ok! That is the reason why i have motivation to update my blog at all when i know that i have to wait for ages in order to get all my pictures uploaded.

I am missing the internet speed in Glasgow. Internet connection speed have big influence ok.. Slow internet--> slow transaction-->waste time-->waste money!!

Being too free to me is a type of time wasting. Rather then sitting at home doing nothing, i should do something interesting or something that makes me feel occupied. Make good use of my time. So, i am now desperately hope to start my job in a hospital.

ok enough non-sense, i shall do something else now. -.-''

1 comment:

xh said...

do u mean u "dont" hav motivation to update ur blog? :) yea msia streamyx is sux!