Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home alone

Most of my friends went to Greece for holiday, and now the house left me alone with another polish guy for a few days before they come back. I am used to be home alone while in KL. During that time, my 3 housemates are from Klang and Kajang. During the weekend, they will travel back home and i will be the guard for the house.

Staying alone is not that bad actually, as i can do what i want. Blasting the speaker with musics, enjoying my time in the big house.

I am now busy planning the trip for my parents. Hope to get everything done and well planned before 24.

Oh ya, good news.. I am finally graduate with MPharm degree with Merit!!

I found this song online i like it sound much..Post up to share.. I promised to post up the photos for Rome but i need more time to edit it.

will be right back

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