Sunday, May 18, 2008

Away for holiday

This wednesday i will have my last paper for my final exam and i am heading to italy for 8 days. After suffering+stressing+depressing+sleepless+tachycardia+nervous+anxious+going crazy+insane+chi sin+gila+bodoh exam.

Is time for holiday!!!

Wont be updating my blog until i return on 29.

I went to visit my cousin at Sheffield last month. Here are some pictures i captured during my visit.


The winter garden. Very nice architecture.. It is an indoor garden and is warm during the winter.

Inside the garden.

Check out the interior of the building.

Sheffield is famour with high quality steel work. I visited one of the galleries over there which open to public visit for free. Saw this funny item.. Not the cup-like thing, is the funny balls with smaller balls attached to it. That looks like some chemical molecules . Any molecule with the formular XY6 ?? hahaha!!! Too much study!!

Do la something like DNA DOUBLE HELIX structure..hahaha!!

Cathedral...forgot the name...

Will post up pictures from Italy once i am back..

Back to study now...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brain damage

Study and go for exam is really a tiring process. The brain always oppose what i suppose to do.

I hardly can remember all the things when my blood brain barrier is not letting anything going in.

I am sure that everyone is worry about forgetting some important stuff. No matter how many times you study the notes, surely there are some parts that have low 'memorising-availability' and you will tend to forget.

I am brilliant to create my own way to preserve whatever stuff i have studied by 'wrapping my head with plastic bag' to prevent whatever inside to fall out.

like this...


ok kids....dont try this at home...need special training ok..
Budak-budak jangan cuba itu dekat rumah ya..kena latih dulu...

Back to study...Pharmaceutical care on friday..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Amsterdam part 4

Hardly fall asleep now, is 5am in the morning. I think i slept too much in the evening, that is the only explaination why my brain remains hyperactive at the late night.

2 days after the disaster, i got a good rest yesterday and start to focus on the next paper. 2 down and 3 more to go, i cant wait for the holiday. But i think my holiday will only start when the result is out. That is when i know i passed all the papers.

Praying hard everyone can graduate together. It is not easily to get until this stage, one more final step to go for our goal. So close yet so far, a step seems to be so difficult, but i am sure we can all do it together.

Some pictures to brighten up the day after starring on the book for so long.

One of my favourite pictures..

Another favourite one...


The are more than 1 million bikes in amsterdam. The number of the bikes is more than the population in amsterdam itself. Wonder why all the bikes look old but not those new and stylish type? If you have a really cool and nice bike, guarantee it will be stolen very soon. So, having an old bike is not bad isn't?

Cycling around amsterdam.

Bulbs that will grow up into beautiful tulips.












Stress gila!!! Taking an exam is like going for a war...Tiring...(@.@)

Friday, May 09, 2008

I had a bad day..

I am quiet busy recently because i am having exam currently. So i wont update blog so often for now.

I had a bad day today, i think not only me but majority of us after finish our exam for Clinical Pharmacology and Prescribing. This paper is totally shit!! For those who dont know what it is, it is a journal intepretation paper. Yes is JOURNAL INTERPRETATION!!!

The duration was 3 hours but find it really insufficient. Majority of us unable to finish the questions on time. Even if we did, i hope the lecturers can read our hand writing. I tested my writing speed today, i can feel my hand and arm really sore after i put down my pen. Is a totally insane paper to do again, i hope i will never need to.

After the exam i went back and think how was my performace, am i able to pass this paper. I realise the chance for me to pass is just 40% or maybe lesser. I did badly, i hope the lecturers are kind enough to give me a few pathetic points for my pathetic answer.

I cant imagine what will happen if i cant pass this paper. I WONT BE ABLE TO GRADUATE here but to resit again in malaysia. Dont forget my parent is coming all the way to glasgow for my graduation..dare not imagine..

I shall focus on the next paper..Damn!.I feel like swearing bad words now!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fight like a Champion

One more match, to be the champion in English Premier League.
One more match, to be the Europe Champion.

Manchester United will always be my favourite team. Fight like a champion, win like a champion.

I hope Man U will win 2 titles this year and that will be fantastic.

Now back to study, study like a 'siao lang' ( crazy people ) and pass like a 'siao lang' also.

Friday, May 02, 2008

I am going crazy @@

First page of the lecture slide, a warning was written there.

Wah lao, so many chemicals meh? Need to wear any protection suite and goggle while i reading the slides? Perhaps i should also wear a mask and carry oxygen tank.. -.-''


Wah lao eh...wear like this to study meh....

I am trying hard to understand it. But most of the time, i lost my concentration. The inhibitors work more on my brain cells than the viruses. They are inhibiting my brain from functioning..Good invention...

Ok, my lecturer is honest. Really a lot. @.@ faint.......

Back to study..really going to 'ki siao' ( crazy )....