Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Strange weather

One down, one last one to go. Phew....finally finished my pharm care port folio. This thing just drive me go crazy, spend so much time staring on the computer screen reading all the wordy articles..this is madness la...siao eh~~

Unfortunately, i have to do so for my research project. Sien!!!

The weather for the past 2 days was really strange. Sunny day and then get gloomy, then sunny again with SNOW, then gloomy again, snow again, and the night falls. @@'' What weather is this?

See, snow again....

Snowing when the sun is glittering on the sky

This weather just like me - Siao already!! Chi sin liao... Hello uncle snow u read too much journal also liao is it?

Rupa rupanya he also got project going on -.-''

April 4 is the day to free from this ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!!

But exam on May.....at least better than doing all the assignments...
Looking forwad for my trip to Netherland, april 6-9.

ok, stop crapping here.. better start stupid journaling again....

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