Thursday, March 06, 2008

snow for the 2nd time

This is the 2nd time snowing in glasgow and this might be the last one in the winter. So everyone still very excited, rush out from the house and snap some nice pictures.

Just finish my CPP, feel a bit more relax now. 3 more assignment to go. 2.5 months later, i will be saying bye bye to JBC because our contract is ending. We will have to move to another acoomodation.

Cant wait for the holiday...5 more places i hope i can travel before i go back to malaysia. Spain, Portugal, Holland, Italy and France. Spain and Portugal on this coming June.

Very soon i will be back to malaysia, so i have to enjoy my time here and make use of it to the maximum.

I know there is election in malaysia, but honestly i am not into politic. But i always hear bad things more than good things. I read a lot of news regarding BN did lots of stupid stuffs..OMG!!

Lets check out the pics...

Snow outside JBC

The view from my window


Gosh!! Snow ALIEN!! Who did it?





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Akira Wah said...

aiyoyo, we cant have snow at Malaysia... too bad ler... haiz... no sakura also... haha...