Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I signed up PPP

If you are looking at my blog and wondering why there are so many ads, that is simply because i have use blogging to make some money. Well, it is simple because what you need to do is just write some advertisement for the sponsor. I find it easy and convenient because you just have to sit in front the laptop and type out some words that pop up in your mind. If you have good english, it is much more easier for you.

What PPP stand for? PPP meaning Pay Per Post...For the name you can know that you will be paid for every post you write. I am looking for a really good blog advertising webpage and i eventually found PayPerPost, click here to take a look payperpost. My friend had started on this and he got paid. So i signed up as well. For those who really want to make money with blogging, you can try PayPerPost. One of the very popular blog advertising company. It is very easy to join, as long as you have a blog.

How it works? Once you have signed up, you can check out the opportunity available online. Choose the opportunity that you are qualify to accept. If you have a better page rank or in other words your blog is more popular, you can get more opportunity with higher pay. I have seen post with up to 100USD but unfortunately i cant accept that. Hope i am able to improve my page rank for that.

This is my first blog for PPP and i have more and more post coming on. Check out more at PPP website.

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