Friday, March 14, 2008

GP visit..

One thing impress me over here is the health care system. It is totally different from Malaysia. In Malaysia, you can just access to private clinic easily but here, you have to make appointment. Some appointment will put you two weeks after. By the time your illness already cure la, wait until so long. Luckly they got this NHS24 which operates 24 hours, or else sure KO if have something emergency.

Together with me is Siu Ann, we went for GP visit session on the wednesday. Visit meaning VISIT, minum kopi and chit chat,neither of us is unwell.

So what we do is sit inside with the GP and see how they work. Wah lao eh, the computer system really IMPRESS me, super advance and well established.

The GP can obtain the patient detail easily by just clicking on the computer. The data actually connected to every health care center and can easily exchange any data.

For example if you send a blood test to hospital for testing, the result will email to your computer within couple of days. Unlike Malaysia where you have to drive all the way and stuck in the jam just to collect the test result.

The GP here looks more senang then Malaysia. Every patient will have their appointment before they seek for GP.

I realise that depression is really serious cases over here. The GP not only have to do diagnosis and treat the illness, but they also have to become counsellor or psychologist to counsel the patient, especially to those who suffering from depression and anxiety.

Social problem here really serious...

Anyway, it was really a nice experience to sit inside the room and see how the GP do their work. Dr. Cameron is really nice and friendly. She share with us her experience and explain how the health care system works in Scotland to us.

Too bad the session only last for one day and the location of the clinic is just too far. Although we can get there by train, but i have to wake up on 6.15am just to reach there on time. I dont mind going again if the location is near enough.

Friday is the last lecture for us. Think i am gonna miss the time SLEEPING in lecture hall,hahaha!!!

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