Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Class photo

Finally i have time to edit this pictures. Sorry for those who missed out in the pictures. To grab a full size picture, click on the photo and then choose the size. :)

Pharmacy rocks!!

pharmacy and caption

Fionna, upon your request, i did a special one for you as you are holding the camera. hahaha....

fionna edition

Good luck to everyone...We shall graduate together.....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Strange weather

One down, one last one to go. Phew....finally finished my pharm care port folio. This thing just drive me go crazy, spend so much time staring on the computer screen reading all the wordy articles..this is madness la...siao eh~~

Unfortunately, i have to do so for my research project. Sien!!!

The weather for the past 2 days was really strange. Sunny day and then get gloomy, then sunny again with SNOW, then gloomy again, snow again, and the night falls. @@'' What weather is this?

See, snow again....

Snowing when the sun is glittering on the sky

This weather just like me - Siao already!! Chi sin liao... Hello uncle snow u read too much journal also liao is it?

Rupa rupanya he also got project going on -.-''

April 4 is the day to free from this ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!!

But exam on least better than doing all the assignments...
Looking forwad for my trip to Netherland, april 6-9.

ok, stop crapping here.. better start stupid journaling again....

Monday, March 24, 2008

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

StrathClyde Pharmacy batch 2008

Here are the pictures we snapped during our last day for lecture. Thats the end for my Mphar course and now we are preparing for the final exam on May. Then, we will graduate on 30 June.










Good luck to everyone and i will miss all this time.

Monday, March 17, 2008

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

IMU-Strathclyde Pharmacy batch 2008

I am so proud be in P105 and i think i gonna miss those old days in IMU ( and very soon Glasgow ). Soon, i will finish my Mphar course and back to my lovely Penang island. I think i should compile the pictures in my com as i have so many class pictures with me.

Note : You can pause the music on my blog when you watch this video.

Credits to Li Ping for making this touching video.

Friday, March 14, 2008

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Last day for lecture

Today is our last lecture for Mphar course. Cant believe 3.5 years just passed away so fast. I think i will miss the time sitting the lecture hall, paying my 'full attention' to the lecture and sleeping inside the lecture hall as well. zzzz....

At the end for today class, we snapped another group pictures with the home students. I will post up the photo soon once i have got them. We are now one more step closer to fulfill our dream as a pharmacist.

Exam is coming up on May and i am sure we can all graduate together. Good luck pharmacy batch 2008.

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GP visit..

One thing impress me over here is the health care system. It is totally different from Malaysia. In Malaysia, you can just access to private clinic easily but here, you have to make appointment. Some appointment will put you two weeks after. By the time your illness already cure la, wait until so long. Luckly they got this NHS24 which operates 24 hours, or else sure KO if have something emergency.

Together with me is Siu Ann, we went for GP visit session on the wednesday. Visit meaning VISIT, minum kopi and chit chat,neither of us is unwell.

So what we do is sit inside with the GP and see how they work. Wah lao eh, the computer system really IMPRESS me, super advance and well established.

The GP can obtain the patient detail easily by just clicking on the computer. The data actually connected to every health care center and can easily exchange any data.

For example if you send a blood test to hospital for testing, the result will email to your computer within couple of days. Unlike Malaysia where you have to drive all the way and stuck in the jam just to collect the test result.

The GP here looks more senang then Malaysia. Every patient will have their appointment before they seek for GP.

I realise that depression is really serious cases over here. The GP not only have to do diagnosis and treat the illness, but they also have to become counsellor or psychologist to counsel the patient, especially to those who suffering from depression and anxiety.

Social problem here really serious...

Anyway, it was really a nice experience to sit inside the room and see how the GP do their work. Dr. Cameron is really nice and friendly. She share with us her experience and explain how the health care system works in Scotland to us.

Too bad the session only last for one day and the location of the clinic is just too far. Although we can get there by train, but i have to wake up on 6.15am just to reach there on time. I dont mind going again if the location is near enough.

Friday is the last lecture for us. Think i am gonna miss the time SLEEPING in lecture hall,hahaha!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I signed up PPP

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Sunday, March 09, 2008


Malaysians are now more aware to the political issues. Things have changed. Those who are not capable to lead, is time to step down. BN suffered a very bad defeat this time, even lost 2/3 of their majority in the parliament.

Penang and Selangor are now the hot topic for everyone. What a dramatic win for the opposition party in Penang, and an unexpected win in Selangor.

Unlike 5 years ago when the internet is still not so popular, today the information technology is so advance. A small issue can be spread easily all around the world. Just click on the buttons on your mouse to access the internet, you can see every single little thing. Whatever issues either good or bad thing you did, it will be easily presented to anybody at any part of the world. Is time for a change, and i am looking forward for a better improvement. The result is not an ending but a beginning.

Me, Su Miin and Edmond were a bit shock with the election result. 3 of us spend almost 1.5 hours talking in the living hall until 5am in the morning, and the FIRE ALARM start to make noise again. As usual, we have to run out and suffer the freezing cold wind.

This election reminds me about a photo i snapped in Germany, Reichstag the parliament building of Germany. Well, What so special about the building? Take a look...

The picture taken on the daytime while we visit to Reichstag. The queue wass too long so we are unable to enter during the day. End up we visit at night.

''DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE" on top of the building meaning 'for the German people'

There is a dom on top of the building where you can look at the meeting hall. During our visit, it was already 9.30pm at night and the parliament members are still having their meeting.


There are people sitting inside the hall, i guess there are listening to the meeting or something...Not so sure about that...

Take a closer look... you can see what is going on inside there....

So, what does it mean???

'When the people look down, the people is looking at the politicians, when the politicians look up, they know they are working for the people'

Thursday, March 06, 2008

snow for the 2nd time

This is the 2nd time snowing in glasgow and this might be the last one in the winter. So everyone still very excited, rush out from the house and snap some nice pictures.

Just finish my CPP, feel a bit more relax now. 3 more assignment to go. 2.5 months later, i will be saying bye bye to JBC because our contract is ending. We will have to move to another acoomodation.

Cant wait for the holiday...5 more places i hope i can travel before i go back to malaysia. Spain, Portugal, Holland, Italy and France. Spain and Portugal on this coming June.

Very soon i will be back to malaysia, so i have to enjoy my time here and make use of it to the maximum.

I know there is election in malaysia, but honestly i am not into politic. But i always hear bad things more than good things. I read a lot of news regarding BN did lots of stupid stuffs..OMG!!

Lets check out the pics...

Snow outside JBC

The view from my window


Gosh!! Snow ALIEN!! Who did it?





Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oi meh!!

Gosh...luckly my mum wont sing it to me everyday..haha!!!

Short video clip...hope everyone take a few minutes to relieve your tension, i know there are lots of assignment burden on us. Work hard everyone..