Thursday, February 14, 2008

Give me a break

This is not the first time i am complaining i am too busy. I need a break, at least a weekend to rest my saturated brain.

Penicillin, Ciprofloxain, Mefloquine,Cisplatin, Daunorubicin, Cephalosporin, Isoniazid, Ethambutol and all their friends are popping up into my mind. All the chemical structure are hunting for me,damn!!
I have to seriously memorise these structures and understand how they work.

wallpaper 2
A simple collage of my photo...Scenery from Germany, Czech and Austria...

Zzz...feel so sleepy when i look at the module note..Dont have any idea of how to update my blog now. If i continue to type, i will type out some non sense from my module notes. I think i better stop it and back to date with my beloved BIOPHARMACY 5 for the valentine night..

Study Study...-.-''

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