Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Financial planning

Money is always not enough, this is always true. Almost everyone complain about the same thing for everyday. Living expanses getting higher and higher, more over, inflation is making even more sky high. I am always thinking for a solution and i realise that managing your money well is the best solution, and of course a high income will be even better.

Saving is important because you might need the money for emergency circumstances. To me, i will definitely keep part of my income in the saving account although the interest is really low. Alternative way will be investment. I dont really know much about investment but that is what i heard from many people.

Other than that, spend only when it is necessary. Only get what you need, not buying anything that is unnecessary. Try this, it really help to save a lot. Look for great deal and discount as well, saving a little will sum up to a big amount. Personally i am not a financial expert, so u might wan to take a look on this website - loans
If you have any question for mortgages or anything, try this link too - mortgages

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Akira Wah said...

Yup, I agree with you on that. I studied in Business line, so I prefer to invest my money in a firm or project. That will be "Money Turn More Money" term.

Currently in Malaysia, mutual funds are quite popular among the public.