Saturday, January 19, 2008

London Trip 1

Hopefully everyone is not bored with my blog because i know i posted a lot of advertisement here. I am too busy for the past few weeks for lab session but luckly mine lab was done. No more lab for the next week, least i can spend time on my essay and report now. I am so sick of reading all the journals! The lucky thing is my lab is really short, it can finish in 1 week time but i just dont understand why hey have to drag it until 2 weeks. Just to 'show' that we are doing something just by attending more sessions or just by adding more signature on the attendance list.

Anyway, thanks so Dr. Blair for helping us so much. Super nice and helpful lecturer, we appreciate all your help. Allright i will update another post about my lab session. For now, i would to share some pictures with you for my London trip during the xmas time.

We arrived at London around 2pm on 23 December after an hour flight from Glasgow Prestwick airport. After that, we have to take a 'mini' bus which looks like a van to the city center. The journey supposed to take up 1h15 mins but the stupid traffic just causes us some problems here. We spent 2 hours to reach there but the shittiest stuff was the driver driving skill. Stupid driver keep accelerate the car and suddenly decelerate by stepping on the break, damn dizzy ok. I am not the only one who feel so, majority of us do.

First destination, Madame Tussauds. I feel that i am in Hollywood now with all the celebrities around me. Of course they are all waxwork made according to the measurement and ratio of their body. So, whatever you see is the actual height and size of your favourite star.




oi, camera not there la dude.


Another one, oi camera not there la.




I know you dont like chelsea now,hahaha! Man Utd is the best, ngek ngek.



Suppose to be Owen right? How come look so different?

You should be glad that you are not sitting under coconut tree or durian tree.

Dont understand your theory of relativity la..ish..

The next president candidate,haha!!






Char Siu Rice also wax work? oi meh??!! no la, this is the best Char Siu + roasted duck i tasted. Super super super nice!!! I never eat roast duck and char siu for 7 months since the time i came to uk. If you are going down to london, remember to go to Four Season restaurant located at the chinatown. This is the best one, dont try other shop to waste your money.


ti3nD said...

clear shots!

sony not bad huh.

sabahan said...

hahaha.....i wonder did anybody feeling curious enough to take of their clothes....i would like to know if inside also that real...

Lim Wei Meng said...

hahaha..just gonna be on the newspaper front page for the next day..