Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kiruna Day 3

After a good and refreshing rest, our journey continue for the 3rd day. We had our breakfast in the room, just simple bread with salami, honey, butter, cheese and marmalade. The orange marmalade taste so nice and i actually ate a lot,haha..

Early in the monrning 9am, the view outside the hut we staying.

Inside the hut for 6 of us.

Ice cube falling down from the sky, help!

Trying to ski at one of the slope nearby the campside. Cant remember how many times i fell down.
Scenery of the surrounding.

Who say Kiruna is cold? 3 nobbies snapping picture with t-shirt only and the temperature is -8 Ccelcius ok!!

Rein deer, santa claus good friend.
The city of Kiruna.

Our way back to Stockholm. The journey to Kiruna ended.

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