Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kiruna Day 2

Day 2 in Kiruna, we checked out from ice hotel 9am in the morning and picked up by a tour guide to start our dog sledding tour. We will travel 20km to a lappish camp side but this time we will take a dog sled.
Husky is the best runner at the lapland. They can withstand the coldness of the weather and run a speed of 40km per hour. The husky are really strong, 5 dogs are able to pull a sled loaded with 3 persons.

Best runner in the lapland, husky.

We are on our way to the camp side which is located far away from the city center. These are the pictures i captured during our journey. We are travelling through the jungle and there are nothing around us except snow and trees.

Sunrise very late around 9am and set around 3pm. The daytime is really really short so we have to wake up early in the morning for our activities.

Snow, for the first time i am holding it on my hand.

Why there is a P sign at the camp side? This is the toilet for the guys, is for small matter only, big one of course u need at shelter ok. Dont worry you are inside the jungle so no one will see while P-ing.hehe :)

This is the hole where you have to aim.hahaha!

Small hut at the camp side.

Rein deer meat with macaroni. The texture is like the mixture of pork and beef to me.

Snowing around 8pm

We had BBQ at night for our dinner. It is like eating charcoal and i dont really like it. No choice, you will be starving if you dont eat. I personally not prefer BBQ food.

Me and Hee Sheong, holding the rein deer skin.

The daytime is too short so we actually dont have much activities at the camp side. We experience the life at the lapland camp side which is far away from city. It is inside the jungle where you are surrounded by nothing except trees and snow.

I spoke to the tour guide over there and he said '' Jungle is a safer place to stay than the city'' and i wonder and asked '' Why? ''. '' There are no people in the jungle, human is the dangerous one'' he answer. So do you get what he is trying to say? I smile and agreed with him.

Up next, Kiruna day 3 trip..

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