Monday, January 21, 2008

I am so busy and so LAZY

I guess it gonna be a very depressing period for all of us. Report to hand up, lab session to attend, jornals to read and more more work needed to get it done. I am so sick of reading journal and the worse thing is searching for it. I am doing a topic regarding diabetes so i have to search for the evidence for the treatment i recommended. Here come the problem , i am using the advance search tools to search for a specific topic but the damn stupid searching engine pop up with more than hundred related and UNRELATED one. Damn...cant the computer be more smater to pick out what i want. Now i have to waste more time to screen out one by one, damn time consuming. I wonder how the Phd student can tahan this type of lifestyle. If you are doing 3 years of Phd study, 2 years u will be spending on searching journal, OMG!! kesian kesian...

The format has changed. For our senior they only need to hand up one essay for the clinical case ( if i am not mistaken ). But now we have to hand up 3 essays!!! This is ridiculous!! and i dont find it benefit us as well. In another way, it is time wasting to do some much essay. 3 essays for pharm care and 1 for CPP, sum up 4 essay with minimum 2000 words and u need EVIDENCE!!! meaning journal to support your suggestion.. -.-''

Research project is even worse. I wonder how thick is it gonna be when i print out everything. Class test coming soon, clinical case presentation as well. I hate doing presentation especially u get a sucky lecturer asking some non sense questions. So far i think A.Thompson is good, at least she dont ask me so many non sense questions and the feed back from her is positive enough to encourage me. Not like some stupid bitch, just ask for the sake of asking. Final semester is here, after this i hope i no need to read journal anymore. Unfortunately, i think i have more to go for my future career, unavoidable.

For my friends who are resitting exam today, i hope for the best to you guys. I heard it is more difficult compare to degree exam last time, but you have try your best. Have faith and i know you do it.

I have more pictures to post up on my blog just that i cant find time to edit it. Oh ya, i dont like facebook because it is too fancy. Everytime i log in, there will be long list of request and invitation. What i will do is just ignore everything except some. I find it time wasting because once you accept, you need to invite your friends to join in. If i have 60 invitation, i have to do it 60 times which is super time wasting, am i right? (I dont even put in afford to familiarise with the features for it, maybe is because i dont know how to do it ) Dont care la, just very annoying. Maybe i am getting old, it is not for me.

ok enough crapping here..Going out to discuss my research project..Will try to post up pictures ASAP.

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