Monday, January 28, 2008

Audio editing

When you are watching a movie and playing games, other than the nice computer graphic that impress you, sound effect is an important element as well. I am sure you will want to have a great sound system while you are watching a nice movie.

There are plenty of software available on the market for audio editing. If you are looking for one , i will recommend you this BRICE CARRINGTON. With many years of working experience in sound recording and editing, Brice created a very useful editing software named the Ultimate FX.

If you visit ther webpage, there are more information available about the software, how it was created, a biography about Brice Carrington, how the software works and there are even demostration for the software. Clicking on the demo, the video clip will show you the interface of the software and some simple functions on it.
Many features are available so you can use it to create ur own ring tone and mix around the music. Take a look at website to see how great the software is.

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