Thursday, January 31, 2008

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Picture of the day

I went to work at Glasgow Science Center on the last saturday and i decided to bring along my camera this time to capture the nice scenery around the clyde river. Unfortunately, the wind was so strong on that night and i have to snap the scenery without using any tripod. The quality of the photo is not so clear but i am still satisfy with it.



Monday, January 28, 2008

Snowing in Glasgow

In Malaysia, we dont have 4 seasons weather like UK. We have summer all the year with warm sunshine. Snowing surely wont happen in Malaysia and we are wondering how snow is like. Must be like blended ice in ice kacang,hehe...

Well, we are now in Glasgow and we hope that it will snow during the winter. Unfortunately, Glasgow rarely snow during the winter. The weather is really funny, sometimes you will have 4 seasons in A DAY..

After hopping for so long, we finally get to see it although it only last for a few minutes. I missed it because i am sleeping when it snowed on 9am in the morning. Not a big lost to me since i have experience it when i went to Sweden.

Some of us did snap down the video and i found it on Tien's blog and Youtube. Gonna post this video up to share. Credits to mini mei for the video, thanks.. P106, hope you will see it here next year..cheers..

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Ice skating at George Square

I have done my methods for the research project. Feel so relief now but that is not the end yet. Still have 4 essays to do. For now, let me take a rest and continue next week.

Is time to upload some pictures to share.

This is my first ice skating experience and the different thing is the we are skating at the outdoor, not the indoor one in malaysia. The ice willl definitely melt if you do the outdoor type in malaysia.

The best thing for being a student is you will get benefits for student price. Eventually, we paid 5 pounds per person for the 45 minutes session. I know it is not cheap but it is the first time experience for me and the more important one is at george square, with all the nice decoration and lighting at the surrounding.

My legs look so short in this picture. Just the camera angle problem, i am not so short ok..

45 minutes is just too short but we had lots of fun :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Monday, January 21, 2008

I am so busy and so LAZY

I guess it gonna be a very depressing period for all of us. Report to hand up, lab session to attend, jornals to read and more more work needed to get it done. I am so sick of reading journal and the worse thing is searching for it. I am doing a topic regarding diabetes so i have to search for the evidence for the treatment i recommended. Here come the problem , i am using the advance search tools to search for a specific topic but the damn stupid searching engine pop up with more than hundred related and UNRELATED one. Damn...cant the computer be more smater to pick out what i want. Now i have to waste more time to screen out one by one, damn time consuming. I wonder how the Phd student can tahan this type of lifestyle. If you are doing 3 years of Phd study, 2 years u will be spending on searching journal, OMG!! kesian kesian...

The format has changed. For our senior they only need to hand up one essay for the clinical case ( if i am not mistaken ). But now we have to hand up 3 essays!!! This is ridiculous!! and i dont find it benefit us as well. In another way, it is time wasting to do some much essay. 3 essays for pharm care and 1 for CPP, sum up 4 essay with minimum 2000 words and u need EVIDENCE!!! meaning journal to support your suggestion.. -.-''

Research project is even worse. I wonder how thick is it gonna be when i print out everything. Class test coming soon, clinical case presentation as well. I hate doing presentation especially u get a sucky lecturer asking some non sense questions. So far i think A.Thompson is good, at least she dont ask me so many non sense questions and the feed back from her is positive enough to encourage me. Not like some stupid bitch, just ask for the sake of asking. Final semester is here, after this i hope i no need to read journal anymore. Unfortunately, i think i have more to go for my future career, unavoidable.

For my friends who are resitting exam today, i hope for the best to you guys. I heard it is more difficult compare to degree exam last time, but you have try your best. Have faith and i know you do it.

I have more pictures to post up on my blog just that i cant find time to edit it. Oh ya, i dont like facebook because it is too fancy. Everytime i log in, there will be long list of request and invitation. What i will do is just ignore everything except some. I find it time wasting because once you accept, you need to invite your friends to join in. If i have 60 invitation, i have to do it 60 times which is super time wasting, am i right? (I dont even put in afford to familiarise with the features for it, maybe is because i dont know how to do it ) Dont care la, just very annoying. Maybe i am getting old, it is not for me.

ok enough crapping here..Going out to discuss my research project..Will try to post up pictures ASAP.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

London Trip 1

Hopefully everyone is not bored with my blog because i know i posted a lot of advertisement here. I am too busy for the past few weeks for lab session but luckly mine lab was done. No more lab for the next week, least i can spend time on my essay and report now. I am so sick of reading all the journals! The lucky thing is my lab is really short, it can finish in 1 week time but i just dont understand why hey have to drag it until 2 weeks. Just to 'show' that we are doing something just by attending more sessions or just by adding more signature on the attendance list.

Anyway, thanks so Dr. Blair for helping us so much. Super nice and helpful lecturer, we appreciate all your help. Allright i will update another post about my lab session. For now, i would to share some pictures with you for my London trip during the xmas time.

We arrived at London around 2pm on 23 December after an hour flight from Glasgow Prestwick airport. After that, we have to take a 'mini' bus which looks like a van to the city center. The journey supposed to take up 1h15 mins but the stupid traffic just causes us some problems here. We spent 2 hours to reach there but the shittiest stuff was the driver driving skill. Stupid driver keep accelerate the car and suddenly decelerate by stepping on the break, damn dizzy ok. I am not the only one who feel so, majority of us do.

First destination, Madame Tussauds. I feel that i am in Hollywood now with all the celebrities around me. Of course they are all waxwork made according to the measurement and ratio of their body. So, whatever you see is the actual height and size of your favourite star.




oi, camera not there la dude.


Another one, oi camera not there la.




I know you dont like chelsea now,hahaha! Man Utd is the best, ngek ngek.



Suppose to be Owen right? How come look so different?

You should be glad that you are not sitting under coconut tree or durian tree.

Dont understand your theory of relativity la..ish..

The next president candidate,haha!!






Char Siu Rice also wax work? oi meh??!! no la, this is the best Char Siu + roasted duck i tasted. Super super super nice!!! I never eat roast duck and char siu for 7 months since the time i came to uk. If you are going down to london, remember to go to Four Season restaurant located at the chinatown. This is the best one, dont try other shop to waste your money.


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Friday, January 18, 2008

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stockholm - Sweden

We spent our last day in sweden at the capital city, Stockholm. The city is well develop andi would say it is a very modern style big city. Everything looks so new over there. Unlike Glasgow the dirty place where u can see all the bubble gum and cigarette butt scattered on the road side. Damn dirty ok!! Stockholm is super clean, u cant even see a tiny little piece of rubbish on the floor. haha, Glasgow is damn uncivilised and is such a sad place to me.

We went to the old town of Stockholm. OMG! damn nice ok!! After travelling to so many places, only Prague and Berlin makes me feel like going back for another time. Damn nice ok Prague and Berlin!! And now the third one will be Stockholm. Scandanevien countries are damn chun la ok!! Damn rich and modernize, you can feel the different when u land ur feet over there.

















Glasgow is damn ulu!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

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Saturday, January 12, 2008


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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kiruna Day 3

After a good and refreshing rest, our journey continue for the 3rd day. We had our breakfast in the room, just simple bread with salami, honey, butter, cheese and marmalade. The orange marmalade taste so nice and i actually ate a lot,haha..

Early in the monrning 9am, the view outside the hut we staying.

Inside the hut for 6 of us.

Ice cube falling down from the sky, help!

Trying to ski at one of the slope nearby the campside. Cant remember how many times i fell down.
Scenery of the surrounding.

Who say Kiruna is cold? 3 nobbies snapping picture with t-shirt only and the temperature is -8 Ccelcius ok!!

Rein deer, santa claus good friend.
The city of Kiruna.

Our way back to Stockholm. The journey to Kiruna ended.