Friday, December 28, 2007

Get paid for blogging

Do you like blogging? If yes, how if you get paid to blog? Sounds even better isn't? Now, there is an opportunity for you by joining SMORTY. Simply click on the link to register as a member and start blogging Blog for money . No registration fee is required. SMORTY is a well establish company for online advertiser. Other than helping the advertiser for promotion, it helps you to make money from your blog as well.

How it works? Once you registered, you will be given a few topics to choose. You have the options to pick on which topic you wish to post. There will be a deadline to summit your post, it is around 3 days time. Write a post relevant to the topic for a minimum of 150 words to maximum of 400 words will be fine. You can earn as much as you can provided your post is approved by SMORTY. A minimum US$6 per post and you will get paid higher and higher depend on your score and the quality of your post.

So what are you waiting for? Start register with SMORTY and earn money using your blog. For more information just click on the link below to answer all your questions. SMORTY FAQ

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