Saturday, December 08, 2007

33.Old Trafford!

It is so unbelieveable! After watching broadcast on the tv for so many years and finally i can watch a LIVE match for my favourite team. 7 of us are so excited prior the match. The journey took us 4.5 hours by bus to travel down to Manchester from Glasgow. We took an early bus on 8.30am and reached our destination on 1pm.

I am glad to meet up my good buddy Kok Lun after 3 years for not meeting him. He is our tour guide for the Manchester trip. Thanks a lot for your wonderful tour guilding.

We have heard about nice dim sum in Manchester and i am craving for it after 6 months i have never put any single 'siu mai' in my mouth. I miss cha siu pao so much. End up, Kok Lun brought us to a famous cantonese restaurant named 'Tai Wu'. The dim sum are all half price from 12pm-4pm. I strongly recommend this restaurant because the dim sum is just so nice. It is even nicer compare to the dim sum i have tasted in Malaysia. We ended up ordering 23 basket of dim sum and share among 8 of us. guess what? It costs only 5.50 pounds per person! Amazing huh? It is so cheap ( Dont do convertion please!). If you are planning you next trip to Manchester, do visit this restaurant and will guarantee that you have no regrets.

The weather wasn't good on the match day because it was raining throughout the day. Luckly the rain stopped before the match or else the match will be carry on under the rain.

We visited the Megastore while waiting the match to start to get some souvenir for this wonderful trip. 8pm sharp, kicked off. The stadium was crowded with 77000 football fans cheering for the home team. Unlike watching TV, there is no replay if watching in the stadium. For 90 minutes i stare on the field, hope not to miss any single action of the players. Don't even sneeze, you might miss out a fabulous goal.
The trip is so unforgettable, of course the result is 2-0 to MAN UTD, glory glory MAN UTD....... (singing)
Can you spot the name Roy Keane in yellow font?

Anderson is posessing the ball while Rooney is waiting at the front.

Dim sum!!

Machester China Town

The eye of Manchester

Waiting the train back to Glasgow at 5am in the morning.

Good buddy, Kok Lun.


shirlyn said...

w00oot~~ when's our next football trip?? haha...

Lim Wei Meng said...

haha..Where is next? Anfield? or barcelona? hahaha

ti3nD said...

wonderful trip i supposed... i must go there oso next year..the stadium with MANCHESTER UNITED is so big compared to HAMPDEN...lolz...

Lim Wei Meng said...

Hampden sucks!!hahahaha!! MAn Utd Rocks!!

Jchan said...

hey man ..
how are you?
just looking at ur pics n realised something familiar..
is ur black cap an Adidas?

Lim Wei Meng said...

hei jason, yea it is a adidas cap.haha...i am fine over here.hope u r doing well there.

~Christine~Leng said...

omg! you went to the games! Shiok! ;P

Lim Wei Meng said... was fun but no commentary and no sometimes the stadium can be totally silent. @.@