Thursday, December 06, 2007

32.Nottingham Games

Last saturday, i took a 6 hours bus from Glasgow all the way to Nottingham to participate in the UK biggest Malaysian game, the Nottingham game. It was the biggest sport carnival open for all malaysia students studying in UK. Thousands of players and supporters crowded the sport hall for this grand event.

Sadly, the event is not as good as what i expected. The events are a bit mess up, unorganised and lots of confusion appears.
I participated men singles and mixed doubles event for badminton. The funny thing is, in the rules it was stated that 'Shuttlecock will only be provided from semi-final onwards'. What the hell is this? This is a very big event and the organiser did not provide shuttlecock? You call this badminton competition? What a shame. I paid 6 pounds for one event, i joint two meaning 12 pounds. There are more than 100 participants for badminton so please tell me where all the money goes? The hall is belongs to Nottingham uni so the organiser no need to pay any single cent to rent the court. So where is the money?

Min Tien and Desmond are joining the table tennis game. The rules stated that '11 points will be play for the priminary round...' again, WTH? 11 points only? And the funny things is '8 players with the highest point score will be qualify into quarter....' End up, according to Min Tien and Desmond, there are more than 10 players with same points. haha big headache to the organiser. Our experience playerDesmond have to teach them the correct way for creating a fixture. HAHA!!

You organised this event every year and things are still so unorganised. I am here to give feed back but not criticise. Hope will improve next year.

Food, yes Malaysia food are sold over there. The food are nice and not too expansive. At least i am not so dissapointing with the food. I am missing Penang food badly.
I am so happy to see my cousin there. For 1 year i have never see you. So so happy to see you again. At least my 24 pounds travel fare is worth it,haha....

Did not manage to win the tournament. Too many good players around. At least i did not knocked out for the first round.haha.. Min Tien did qualified to the quarter as well.

Finally found a sign board with Nottingham logo. Is a carpark sign, ish!

My cousin!! so happy to see u there!!! You have grow taller again!!

Glasgow contingent! 3 Gold and 1 silver..Good job guys.
Min Tien ah, y snap blur one? i pose until so yeng,haha!

Serving the shuttle. My mixed doubles partner Su-Ann.

Aiya, not my medal. Borrow from Desmond to syiok sendiri a bit.hehe XD


ti3nD said...

erm...regarding the pic...

i cant on flash cos i scared it will disturb u guys.

with this zha bek camera, not bad dy larh... haha...

erm one secret, the ping pong organizer was there actually, im not sure whether he join the games anot, but he senyap senyap go apologize to player by player about his mistakes and all... wth...... @_@

Lim Wei Meng said...

haha..ya i know also..maybe play with shuttle speed.

It is funny that they organise without knowing the correct rules and regulation. 'faint'

cYbeR FiSh™ said...

wua..go leng lui cousin never bother to intro huh?like this call fren lar huh? a girl...o.O randomness~

Lim Wei Meng said...

haha...1 year never see her liao..keke..can intro to u, no prob..haha

ti3nD said...

yi jie interest is to kap zai in cpp class... she has no interest in leng lui wan bah... lolz.

ti3nD said...

ejie's interest*