Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kiruna Day 1 - Ice Hotel

Kiruna, a small city in sweden located at the north part of the country. It is famous with Ice Hotel which is one and the only hotel in the world built with ICE! You will get to stay in ice hotel during the winter or else the hotel will melt if the temperature is too high,haha..

Travel Log
11.30am - Flight from Arlanda airport to Kiruna airport.
1.30pm - Reach Kiruna airport and took a coach to Ice hotel.
2.00pm - checked in ice hotel and start visit around ice hotel.
5.30pm - Riding ice mobile 20km away from the city to the jungle for northern light trip.
10.30pm - Back to ice hotel and take a rest.
12.15am - Chill out at the Absolute Ice Bar.

At Arlanda airport, waiting FlyNordic flight to Kiruna.

Met the other group who going to Kiruna as well.

Arlanda airport is well decorated. I snapped this picture during 5am.

Cool right? sign board made by ice.

View inside the coach, on my way to ice hotel.

The absolute ice bar. There are 5 ice bar around the world but i cant remember where they are.

Nice vodka but it taste more like orange juice to me. Should add more vodka to make it nicer.

Ice bar of course the glass is made of ICE!! woohoo!! yeng le..

The seat inside the ice bar. The seat is covered with reindeer fur so it wont freeze ur buttock.

The bar. Yeng right? all made of ice! The bar tender not la ok.

Picture with the bar tender. I like the hat, damn nice.

There 2 types of accomodation, the warm room and cold room. The warm room is the normal room while cold room is like you are sleeping inside an igloo with all the things made of ice. We are staying in normal cold room. There are also Art suite in cold accomodation, meaning the room have different design by each artist. Take a look at more pictures below.

Ice mobile.
I am not so 'tall' compare to Su Jian,ish!

Our nice tour guide.

The northern light. We are so lucky to encounter it. The chances to see is around 40% but i think is even lower. The sky must be clear and it happen by chance.

Ice suite. There aremore than 20 ice suite inside ice hotel.

Check out the design of the room.

Another design.

Cool right?

This is how i sleep inside the ice room. The temperature inside the -3 degree celcius. All your luggage have to put at the reception or else everything will be frozen. It was a wonderful experiencing sleeping inside 'igloo'. I have to wear 2 t shirt with one jacket to sleep inside the sleeping bag. You know la, we asian cannot stand the coldness. I saw some ang moh sleep with one thin layer of long john only -.-''.

Up Next, dog sledding to lappish camp side.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

33.Old Trafford!

It is so unbelieveable! After watching broadcast on the tv for so many years and finally i can watch a LIVE match for my favourite team. 7 of us are so excited prior the match. The journey took us 4.5 hours by bus to travel down to Manchester from Glasgow. We took an early bus on 8.30am and reached our destination on 1pm.

I am glad to meet up my good buddy Kok Lun after 3 years for not meeting him. He is our tour guide for the Manchester trip. Thanks a lot for your wonderful tour guilding.

We have heard about nice dim sum in Manchester and i am craving for it after 6 months i have never put any single 'siu mai' in my mouth. I miss cha siu pao so much. End up, Kok Lun brought us to a famous cantonese restaurant named 'Tai Wu'. The dim sum are all half price from 12pm-4pm. I strongly recommend this restaurant because the dim sum is just so nice. It is even nicer compare to the dim sum i have tasted in Malaysia. We ended up ordering 23 basket of dim sum and share among 8 of us. guess what? It costs only 5.50 pounds per person! Amazing huh? It is so cheap ( Dont do convertion please!). If you are planning you next trip to Manchester, do visit this restaurant and will guarantee that you have no regrets.

The weather wasn't good on the match day because it was raining throughout the day. Luckly the rain stopped before the match or else the match will be carry on under the rain.

We visited the Megastore while waiting the match to start to get some souvenir for this wonderful trip. 8pm sharp, kicked off. The stadium was crowded with 77000 football fans cheering for the home team. Unlike watching TV, there is no replay if watching in the stadium. For 90 minutes i stare on the field, hope not to miss any single action of the players. Don't even sneeze, you might miss out a fabulous goal.
The trip is so unforgettable, of course the result is 2-0 to MAN UTD, glory glory MAN UTD....... (singing)
Can you spot the name Roy Keane in yellow font?

Anderson is posessing the ball while Rooney is waiting at the front.

Dim sum!!

Machester China Town

The eye of Manchester

Waiting the train back to Glasgow at 5am in the morning.

Good buddy, Kok Lun.