Monday, November 05, 2007

26. Glasgow Firework

Nice firework at Glasgow Green. I am not so sure how long it last, i think was around 15 mins or more. Too attracted to the nice firework that colour up the dark sky. It was freaking cold outside there. I am holding the camera to capture some nice pictures and eventually both of my hand numbed. Cant feel anything with both of my hand now, it is just too cold.
Not so satisfy with the pictures i captured. Not really sharp and clear enough. One thing is because of my camera not so good in capturing night mode. I want a better camera!! Luckly i still manage to capture some of the nice scene, hehe :)

This is my favourite one but too bad not clear enough.

Glasgow is one of the cadidate city for organising the 2014 commonwealth game. The result will be announce on 9th of Nov. Good luck to Glasgow, i will definitely support you.

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Fionna Tan said...

nice shots! =D

haha but my pic of suok teng with the fireworks behind is nicer =p