Friday, November 02, 2007

22. Badminton for llife..

Koo KK and Tan BH, Malaysia top men doubles pair which currently ranked number 1 in the world has won the Denmark super series. I am damn proud for them for winning so many titles in less than 1 year time since they paired up. French Open is next up and i hope they will continue winning more and more titiles.

Thinking back to the old good days, the first time i holding a racquet was aged of 7. I still remember the first racquet dad bought for me is the Yonex Carbonex 8 which cost around RM100. I always play with my neighbour at the lorong behind my house. For many times, the shuttlecock falled inside the drain but we still pick it up and continue playing despite how dirty is it,haha.. We dont care so much, as long as there is a shuttlecock for us to play,haha...

The first time i went for training was during 10 years old. I did join the training together with my school team during my primary school time but i never represent my school before. I just enjoy the time training and playing inside the court. Other than this training, dad sent me to another training located at Bukit Dumbar for a better training. I spent 4 years there and stop the training when i was aged of 16.

After i graduate from secondary school, i left to KL for my A level study. For 2 years i never hold my racquet. Until i entered IMU during 2005 where i met a group of friends who are so crazy for badminton like me. Together with them, i always play at badminton court located at the club house of vista kommanwel.haha...Playing with uncles are fun!! They are great and skillful.. I did improve a bit after playing with them. I am now missing the time in vista, the place where i can play badmintons for 4 days in a week..Crazy right?? But i am loving it...

I am now in Scotland, missing those time playing badminton in Malaysia. I do play badminton here as well. Carrying my precious racquet all the way from malaysia, hoping to play constantly to keep myself fit. Dont wan to become uncle so fast,haha... Sadly, is is not as fun as the time in Malaysia.. Especially u when u are playing a 'plastic' shuttlecock.. Tak dak 'feel' one la, smahing also no 'uhm' la...ish!!Joining the club practice, i only can play 1.5 hours and i dont' really 'sweat' due to the cold and dry weather here.

Koo and Tan, the current world top double pair.

Lin Dan, world best single player.

Bao Chun Lai, China 2nd seed single player.

Cai and Fu, one of the very best double pair. Holding the top ranking for a very long time until replaced by Koo and Tan recently..

Lee Chong Wei, always the only hope for malaysia in men singles event.

European best player - Peter Gade.

Taufik Hidayat, Indonesia top single player.


ti3nD said...

all d best man...beat glen n poh sean first..proceed through slowly..kekeke..

Lim Wei Meng said...

Thanks but i not sure either both of them playing or not. They are better than me k..