Monday, October 01, 2007


Salzburg, the 2nd destination for our trip. I am so lazy to write the whole story down here. Overall, Austria is such a beautiful place with many nice scenery. I shall go to Austria another time to visit other place like Vienna. The name Salzburg will definitely remember us the famous composer Mozart. This genius born in this small town, making this city famous with the Mozart music. You can find his picture with CHOCOLATE and statue inside the city. Chocolate maker or composer???
The scenery outside out hostel. It is located on a small hill, not on the top but middle part of it i suppose. We can actually see a very beautiful landscape of Salzburg city.
Kasern Station. 1 stop from the main station.

The landscape outside our hostel.

Mirabell Garden.

Kebab shop again. There are lots of kebab shops around here and Germany. I wonder how much kebab i ate, i am so sick of it now.

I doubt is Mozart famous with his music or CHOCOLATE. I can see Mozart pictures every where with CHOCOLATE. ARGH!! Hei dude, are u a composer or a chocolate maker??

Picture taken inside the salzburg fortress.

Nice scenery on the top of the fortress.

Look at the sign board in the train.Gone crazy...

What is this again??
Group picture with Mozart statue.

Armory inside the fortress.

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