Thursday, October 25, 2007

20. My 22nd Bitrhday

First of all, thanks to everyone for celebrating my 22nd birthday in Glasgow. This gonna be one of the memorable time in my life for celebrating my birthday at oversea. Thanks for the present and thanks for the nice cake and muffins.

Special thanks to Qristine, Khang Wern, Lu Yi and Yi Jie for the delicious cake. It is yummy, i like it so much.

Thanks to Kah Yee for the cute muffins.

Thanks to Sui Lin, Qristine, Hazel, Khang Wern, Luyi, Yi Jie, Kah Yee, Bao Bao, Wen Jiun and Pei Ling.

Thanks to Tam Ming, Min Tien, Hee Sheong, Wee Yeaw, Su Miin, Phel Joo, Darren, Kim Hoe, Adam, Suz Jian and Edmond.
Thanks to Jin Werne and Sarah, together with Paik Ling and Siu Ann for the cake.


Kah Yee said...

uncle, cupcakes nt muffins!ish!

anyway, happy belated birthday! hope u had fun =) m sure u had esp during the "eye meet eye" session..kaka..

Lim Wei Meng said...

Oi auntie! rupa-rupanya u got read my blog ah.hehe..
Thanks anyway..uncle blur mah..
Ur head la!!!

~Christine~Leng said...

Happy belated birthday! sorry for wishing you late. Hope you had a great one and all the best in your studies. Can't miss the wishes right?

Lim Wei Meng said...

Thanks Christine. Great food recommendation on ur blog.