Friday, October 05, 2007

18. Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany is a must visit destination when you visit Germany. It is like going back to the past, looking at the history of this country. Even some of the buildings over here have very interesting history background. For example the Brandenburg Gate shown in our group picture below.

We spent 3 days to explore this beautiful place and i did captured lots of picture over here and i will let the pictures to tell you about our trip here.
Group picture with our tour guide. FREE tour but end up we did tip the guide for his fantastic tour.

Jewish memorial. This is the memorial for the Jewish who killed during the holocaust.

Did you know that Adolf Hitler actually killed himself here??
Yup, last time there is a underground bunker here.

Berliner dom. Very nice archiutecture. I manage to capture the picture at night as well.

One of the shopping mall near Sony Center.

The roof inside the sony center.

What is this fly doing?

Nice graffiti on the Berlin Wall.

This picture is captured inside one of the church which i cant remember the name.

Hanging Garden of Babylon, just a part of it.

Pergamon museum. Many sculpture taken from Turkey is stored inside here.

Met one of the friendly hawker there and we claim that he looks like Jacky Chan. The girls are so excited and we snap a group picture with him.

Can you see the Parliment? ' People is looking on the politician. When the politician look up, they remember they are working for the people'


~Christine~Leng said...

I'm dazzled with the amazing captures! beautiful places... so many to go.. so many to see! Nice!!
You guys travel like that right... expensive?

Lim Wei Meng said...

Yea, Berlin is a must visit place when u go germany. I spend around 400 pounds for my whole trip inclue everything. I went to 5 places in 3 countries so i think is worth it.