Tuesday, October 02, 2007

17. Prague

From Salzburg, we took a 8 hours train to Prague. According to the information center, this is the best connection they can find for us. 8 hours!! and we need to change to different trains at different station.
Wasted 8 hours inside the train.

Things are really cheap in Prague compare to Germany. The currency here is Koruna, 1 pounds = 39 koruna. This is the only place we can find better food and dine inside a restaurant. We got to know that dumpling is one of the famous food in Prague. Eventually, we decided to try the food. Guess what? The so call dumpling is something like our chinese 'man tou' ( chinese ) haha..

The scenery here are really nice, especially Porague old town at night. Too bad there are too much graffiti on the wall, making the place looks more low standard.

Night view of the national museum
The food is nice, the price is not too expansive.

You can see many statues on charles bridge and this is one of the statue.

Scenery of Prague city.

Painting on the window inside the cathedral.

One of the very famous cathedral, St' Vitus cathedral.

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Anonymous said...

Prague remains the embodiment of architectural magnificence; its majestic castle perched high and well in view from across the Vltava River, with the historical Charles Bridge in the foreground. Restaurants and Prague hotels are good value, as are tourist sights and museums and you can drink some of the finest beers in the world here for next to nothing. Gone are the days when it can sneak up on the unsuspecting visitor, as Prague now ranks with the European biggies on everyone’s must see list. For this reason, the city is in a state of flux like few others as it races often blindly towards westernization and fearfully is abandoning much of what set it apart from the rest of the pack in the first place.