Thursday, October 25, 2007

21. Autumn is here..

Autumn is here, the weather is getting colder and colder and you wont feel like bathing in the morning. Sometimes, the temperature will drop below 0 celcius in the morning, is below the H2O Freezing Point!! Even the sun is glaring on the afternoon, the weather is still freezing cold. I start missing the sunshine in Malaysia.
Autumn reminds me about one of the famous korean drama 'Autumn in my heart'. I am not a fan of korean drama and i will never watch all these sad sad korean drama ok. It reminds me just because of the word autumn.
A group of us decided to go to Glasgow Green, around 20 minutes walk from JBC to capture the autumn scenery before all the leafs fall off. We dont have another autumn here because we are leaving on July next year, so this is the only chance.

Trying to snap a picture where the leaf slowly fall off to create 'autumn'feel. Thanks to people besides me for throwing the leaf, but this is what happen when people just dont like you. Su Jian is actually throwing whole bunch of it. It looks like tornado is pproaching ok..

ok lo, i photoshop edit myself lo. This is what i feel like snapping.haha.. But is not easy to capture. Syiok sendiri...

A group of syiok sendiri people in Glasgow Green.

20. My 22nd Bitrhday

First of all, thanks to everyone for celebrating my 22nd birthday in Glasgow. This gonna be one of the memorable time in my life for celebrating my birthday at oversea. Thanks for the present and thanks for the nice cake and muffins.

Special thanks to Qristine, Khang Wern, Lu Yi and Yi Jie for the delicious cake. It is yummy, i like it so much.

Thanks to Kah Yee for the cute muffins.

Thanks to Sui Lin, Qristine, Hazel, Khang Wern, Luyi, Yi Jie, Kah Yee, Bao Bao, Wen Jiun and Pei Ling.

Thanks to Tam Ming, Min Tien, Hee Sheong, Wee Yeaw, Su Miin, Phel Joo, Darren, Kim Hoe, Adam, Suz Jian and Edmond.
Thanks to Jin Werne and Sarah, together with Paik Ling and Siu Ann for the cake.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

19. I hate journal...

2 weeks after semester 7, the campus is no longer empty like it was during the summer. Classes have resumed and you can see many home students around. SIBS 101 is crowded with 200 plus 4th year pharmacy students.

Got to know some of them during the workshop session but not everyone in the class yet. Hopefully everything runs well during this semester. Gonna start to do some background readings for my research project. Generally i am doing something regarding molecular signalling, which is some protein trigger another protein down a cascade and eventually causes a physiological respond. What we are trying to do is to find a inhibitor to block a particular pathway to prevent the outcome like inflammation.
Sounds interesting right? No man, too many proteins and i know nothing about it. The only solution is, study la..
Journal is really a boring paper and i seriously dont like it. It is so difficult to understand, i think i should blame my brain. Cant they just put it into a simpler words? This 14 pages journal will take me ages to finish reading it. I cant even remember any single word from the whole article, is like nothing absorb inside the brain.
Study of cholesterol lowering with simvastatin...zzzz.....falling asleep....
Allright, i will try again to understand it. ( I know is hard.....) Nevermind la, tomorrow go into workshop and tembak only.

Argh!! look at the font size...

Friday, October 05, 2007

18. Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany is a must visit destination when you visit Germany. It is like going back to the past, looking at the history of this country. Even some of the buildings over here have very interesting history background. For example the Brandenburg Gate shown in our group picture below.

We spent 3 days to explore this beautiful place and i did captured lots of picture over here and i will let the pictures to tell you about our trip here.
Group picture with our tour guide. FREE tour but end up we did tip the guide for his fantastic tour.

Jewish memorial. This is the memorial for the Jewish who killed during the holocaust.

Did you know that Adolf Hitler actually killed himself here??
Yup, last time there is a underground bunker here.

Berliner dom. Very nice archiutecture. I manage to capture the picture at night as well.

One of the shopping mall near Sony Center.

The roof inside the sony center.

What is this fly doing?

Nice graffiti on the Berlin Wall.

This picture is captured inside one of the church which i cant remember the name.

Hanging Garden of Babylon, just a part of it.

Pergamon museum. Many sculpture taken from Turkey is stored inside here.

Met one of the friendly hawker there and we claim that he looks like Jacky Chan. The girls are so excited and we snap a group picture with him.

Can you see the Parliment? ' People is looking on the politician. When the politician look up, they remember they are working for the people'