Saturday, September 08, 2007

14.Glory to Scot

There gonna be an exciting match today between Scotland and Lithuania for the euro qualifying round. Early in the morning while i am on my way heading to the central train station, i realise there are many scotland fans dress themselves with their home jersey. Some of them wearing kilt to the stadium as well.

Hampden Park, here i come. This is my first time working in the stadium. All the while i only watch football match on TV but now it is just infront of me, the field, the crowd and i can feel the atmoshere. I dont have chance to see the match because i am just too busy with my work at the kiosk, selling burgers, chips and drinks. I only manage to see the empty field prior the match when i am carrying something over the other counter.

When u hear the crowd cheer loudly and everyone is celebrating, obviuously there is a goal to the home team. The result is 3-1, glory to the home team. This is a happy day to all the scottish, everyone is in happy mood today. While i am on my way back, many fans singing at the train station, celebrating at the street and some fella just walk to me and say 'high 5 man for Scotland'. yeah, i did high 5 to him,haha.

Working at the kiosk is really stressful, the queue will never end. I am serving the customer as fast as i can from 1.30pm to 4.30pm non stop.huh...tiring tiring. Shouldn't choose to work as a till worker next time.
Congrates to Scot again. Need some rest now, huh... Scotland vs Lithuania

The football field
The main entrance for Hampden stadium
Scotland National Stadium

After working at Hamilton.

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