Monday, September 24, 2007

15. Munich

Munich is the first stop for our trip. Once we arrived at the train station, the architecture of the train station really impress me. The building is really nice and stylish, damn cool!

There are many tourist attraction in Munich and i think we have visited most of it. Looking back at the map i got it from the hostel, we have cover almost half area on the map. Wonder how long is the distance we have travelled. Travel broaden your mind but loosen your bowel, this is damn true. We hardly find any nice food in Munich except the day when we went to Englischer Garden where we taste the nice pork knuckle and pork sausages, check out the picture below.

Picture snapped at Viktualien Markt.

Deutsches Museum, one of the must visit museum in Germany. I still think Kelvingrove museum at Glasgow is nicer.

In Europe, u can see many sculptures around the buildings and streets.

I forgot the name of this place.argh!

Inside the museum.
Inside the museum, there is a display session for the history in pharmaceutic and pharmacy. We are so excited and spent almost one and a half hour in this area. Finally we found something we can understand,haha.

Wah, look at the packing during 1944.

I added some pattern to this picture,haha.
I love this picture so much.

Nice interior design.

Roasted roll pork and pork sausage cost me €7. The roasted pork is really nice and the sausage seriously damn big!
Pork knuckle, one of the famous dish in Germany.

Nice stadium!!

Comment after the trip.....
1. I do think that Germany have more leng cai and leng lui compare to Glasgow. In Glasgow, all 'round round' one and you will always meet DRUNK and MAD people on the street. However, we did not meet any crazy people in Germany even we are travelling at late night.
2. I think that German are more well behave. We are holding a map, standing on the street, some helpful german did come over and ask us 'do you need any help? ', nice right?
3. The train and bus are really punctual. 9am mean 9am sharp, no delay at all. If in Malaysia, 9am will mean 9.30am if unlucky 10am. LRT and KTM in malaysia have time schedule but NOT PUNCTUAL and they dont even display the time. No point having a timetable without following the time. This is something we need to learn from them ok...
4. Drinking habits, i hardly see any drunk people on the street in germany. ( There is but maybe the probabilty of meeting is lower or maybe they are more well behave ) I am discussing this topic with my housemate. We think that german people have better drinking habits. ON THE NIGHT I CAME BACK FROM GERMANY, JUST THE MOMENT I STEP MY FOOT ON GLASGOW, I MET MANY DRUNK PEOPLE IN THE TRAIN AND ON THE STREET. SOME OF THEM DID INTERRUPT US. Isn't it stupid to make yourself drunk and get mad at the public?? Look at others and learn to behave.
7.5/10 i rated for this trip and i really enjoy it :) Goodbye Munich, hope to see you again.

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