Friday, August 31, 2007

13. First job in scot

Surprisingly, i recevied a call from blue arrow thursday morning. Never thought that they will call me up so fast for a job. There is a job at Hamilton race course ( padang lumba kuda la ), 9am meet at the office is it fine?? Yea, i answered.
Together with me are Edmond, Su Miin and Min Tien. This gonnabe the first day for these 3 newbies working in, we gonna earn pounds! convert it to RM, it gonna be lots.

I have no experience working in restaurant or something. Luckly the job is preety simple, just serve the food to the VIP and then clean up the table.
we worked from 10.30am until 7.45pm, approximately 9 hours with the pay of 5.35 pounds an hours. ( try to do the calculation )
After the long working hours, here come the side effects, leg aching back aching fatigue hungry dont feel like moving ( My body is feeling so heavy, cant move..and my bed is so comfortable - feel like sleeping now )

It was a nice experience and we met some new friends over there from other country as well. From India, Poland and Latvia, people with different background. Is a nice experience working together with them.
Well, gonna rest now and will update my blog again. Hope i can get sufficient money to get a free trip to Germany and Czech:)

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ti3nD said...

gambateh bah, together we! lolz....