Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Just screw up my PP3 paper again. Needless to say, i am sure that i will get negative marks again. Stupid fella la, ask about medication taken.. tell me NO wo!! Is it my question got problem or ur listening got problem?? No point arguing now because the outcome still the same, i am still failing.

I wonder how many people able to pass this cruel paper, 10%?? perhaps 20%?? Good luck guys..Everyone have a equal chance and i just did badly for the last prescription. ( Not to say my previous 4 Rx are perfect, just that i know what i am doing, the last one really stunned me )

I got panic attack for the last 15 minutes before the exam end. Wondering how the dosage gonna be. No medication taken, how am i going to do the dose check?? 500mg Diamorphine, it is very high dose!!

Allright fine, i go for another referral. Thank god a lecturer is helping me and i manage to got the answer i want ( of course la, 2nd time refferal already..) This is what happen..the exam end at 12.35pm

11.55pm - starting my last Rx
12.15pm - first referral
12.20pm - stun and try to figure out what happen, cant do dose check. Decided to go for another referral.
12.25pm - Simply do dose check la, dont care right or wrong. I just wanna finish dispensing it. At the end i realise yes is correct ( i think so )
12.30pm - Labelling, i did silly mistake and have to type twice for the same thing. gosh
12.33pm - dispensed it.

The moment i walked out the room, times up. I feel so relief but i know the outcome---> failed...I have try my best, there is still a chance 2 weeks later.This is just exemption exam, the latter one is the final one. No more mistake should be repeated for the coming one.

July is totally a nightmare. I got couple of sleepless night and palpitation in the exam hall ( might be the side effects of high caffeine consumption ) I find myself hardly fall asleep at night. If i am at IMU now, i might go down and have a packet of nasi lemak as breakfast. Damn, here got nothing and nothing at all.

9/7/07 - 1st PP3 class test ( ya failed, got 30 marks )
24/7/07 - FMT1 class test
27/7/07 - 2nd PP3 class test ( ya failed again, this time is -75, yes is NEGATIVE)
31/7/07 - FMT2 class test
3/8/07 - Report due date, rush rush and rush.
8/8/07 - FMT1 final paper.
13/8/07 - FMT2 final paper.
15/8/07 - PP3 exempion test.
20/8/07 - Video exam for PP3
28 or 29 - PP3 FINAL PAPER!!

One funny thing over here is, here have more 'funny' lecturers
Some racist fella, who dont have standardise marking scheme. Marking exam paper with mood. Same mistake can either -10 or -60. What to do? you cant argue anything, that is what they call PROFESSIONAL.
Another one, yea racist again. Who think himself is smart enough, extremely smart, berlagak betul.

- I am not racist, i just DONT LIKE u -
Pray hard that i will never get u as supervisor for my final year research, or else i will suffer like mad.
Some lecturers are really helpful, just that there are a few black sheeps among them.shit!
The battle is not over yet. Still have one more to stuggle. Cant even have the time to reply the tag from christine, sorry ya really too busy over here. Everyone is very depress after the exam.

Allright enough complaining and here is something to share.
To P106, check out our exam hall. Nice right?? it looks like a church but is not. It is the Barony Hall where the convocation takes place. Cant see the detail because this picture is taken by a camera phone.


~Christine~Leng said...

the exam hall is so creepy... yet Grand! Loved it :) so... fishing sem6 soon is it?

Lim Wei Meng said...

haha..took with camera phone so the detail not so clear. Better than imu right? haha.
One more Pharmacy Practice 3 paper to go next wednesday and then end of sem 6 :)

~Christine~Leng said...

good luck in your PP3 then! heard that it's tough..! Try ur best and good luck again!!

Lim Wei Meng said...

Yea, it is. Must be extra careful when doing the paper. Thanks.

huiyen said...

the exam hall looks so intimidating..hehe..all the best yea..add oil!!!!!!!!!

Lim Wei Meng said...

yea..thanks hui yen :-)

Anonymous said...

the exam hall looks like those in Harry Potter movies. i think it's kinda cool la. hav a feeling i'd hav done better if imu's is like tat too haha..