Saturday, August 18, 2007

11. The battle begins

After a short break, is time to back to the study table again. Monday is another video exam. For those who dunno what is it, it is a role play which u will be the pharmacist and the lecturer will be the patient and walk into ur counter. What you need to do is to respond to the patient question, making a correct decision of recommending OTC product. ( OTC Over the Counter, which mean the product u can get in a pharmacy with the pharmacist himself conducting the sale )

My OTC book. Gonna get myself familiar with this blue booklet.
This is my only reference source during the exam.

Wah, so many session and plenty of different medication. Which will be the right one? Well, this u gonna judge by ur own. Just dont kill te patient will do, lol :p

Allright, enough crapping. Transform back to book worm.


~Christine~Leng said...

wow... OTC book :P don't judge wrongly ya wei meng! haha... btw.. I think I have already killed my patient! Thought i've screwed up my dispensing test!!! worried...:(

Lim Wei Meng said...

Yea, i think i gave the right one, hopefully haha.
Nvm la, just dont kill another one will do. lol :)