Tuesday, July 31, 2007

9.Life in Glasgow

There goes my FMT2 paper, totally screw up that paper. Study like no study, argh!! Dont care la, is over. I have done what i can to make it better.
At least today i can have a better sleep, no need to worry for test again. Unfortunately, report due on this friday and have to rush for it again. This semester is really Chi Sin ( crazy in cantonese ). 1 more month and it will end. Enough complain for now, is time to update my blog.
Finally i have time to post up these pictures.

I went to play basketball at the sport center on one of the weekday. Yes the sport center is well equip with many facilities. gym, cardio, multipurpose court, squash court etc. However u need to pay for the booking. For basketball, 1 pound each person per entrance.
To my juniors who semangat to play futsal over here. This is the goal post. It is lower but wider compare to the usual one we play. Height is around my waist and the width is er.....1.5meter plus i think..weird.

A couple of night, i did actually stay awake until the next morning. Too much to study so i have to burn midnight oil. I know is not healthy but what to do if u cant finish study the whole module, u still have to. Together with me is Su Miin and Adam. I decided to go out and have a nice shot outside our hostel JBC ( James Blyth Court ). It is freaking cold outside, according to my thermoreceptor, it is around 8 to 10 celcius.woohoo~~
The sunrise on 4.30am on summer. It is a sunday morning while everything is sleeping, 3 of us bising outside there.

My study desk.

View outside my room. Block by the tree but actually nothing nice outside there.

Potluck with my Group C1 lab members. hehe.. The very blur but happening group.

Celebrating Edmond birthday at my unit.

Feel hungry after looking at these pictures??
Enough post for now. gonna have a good rest and do my report tonight.


ti3nD said...

nice update! :)

5.30am at james blyth court...woooohooooze!

reporttttttttttt arrrrrrrrrrrrr...

~Christine~Leng said...

nice environment.. wow. u guys seriously can cook. Oh boy.. I still dunno how to cook! *sob*

btw..wei meng.. U'RE TAGGED!!