Wednesday, July 11, 2007

6. Kelvingrove museum

What i can say is just marvelous. Kelvingrove museum is a must visit museum in glasgow. Followed up by a three years, 27.9 million pounds restoration, it has over 8000 display items over 3 floors. Impressionist paintings, objects from ancient Egypt, archeology, fearsome weapon, creatures of sea, air and land ( much much more ) and one more thing,

Is is FREE!!! I only spent 2 pounds for my transportation from Buchanen St to Kelvinhall Station. The experience i get is definitely much more than 2 pounds. ( To my friends who are transfering here next time, remember to visit this place ).


Anonymous said...

okay, floating heads are freaky couz.. and why la you go take picture with mummy? u too tak han la! tsk!


Wei Meng said...

if the mummy is alive lagi bagus..haha