Wednesday, June 20, 2007

3.Food food food!!!

Already 2 weeks since the day i arrived to Glasgow. Everything is fine and one thing i really miss the most is the delicious food from Malaysia. Over here, you will see many shops selling sandwiches and burger. From here, i notice that the people over here always get sandwiches and burger as their meal, usually lunch time. I am now having phobia of eating bread but no choice because it is the cheapest food. 40p u will get 1 loaf of bread and we have no time to prepare our lunch due to busy timetable. ( only 1 hour break !! ) Well, the best decision is to eat SANDWICH!

Tips to junior : Eat more food in Malaysia. Dont eat so much bread because you will eat a lot here. For those who dunno how to cook, it is best for u to learn now.

Wondering what food we can get here?? You will save a lot of money if u cook at home. It depends on what u cook. Usually it costs around 1-2 pound per meal, and share between 4 of us. So, u do the calculation how much it is
Anyway, dont worry bout living cost. If you can cook, you will save a lot :-
Check out what we cook over here. It is nice and i enjoy eating my own cooking.

Me and Edmond secret recipe. We discovered the recipe for sweet and sour meat ball. haha!! Good job man..


huiyen said...

the food looks really yummy..*thumbs up*!!!

Wei Meng said...

We are still experimenting some secret recipe..muahaha..more to come..