Saturday, June 30, 2007

5.NMR lab

Yesterday was my NMR lab and it is interesting. The complicated chart below took us around 2 hours to understand and identify what is the impurities. Starting is always the difficult one but after the explanation from the demostrator, at least i understand what i am doing. ( But not tatally, i am still....cofusing in some part )

Before we start our work, we actually got a short briefing from Dr. Sandy, one of the very good lecturer in UoS ( Respect, respect )
Some of his words really catch my attention and i noticed that he like to use the word 'your favourite grandmother' in giving example.( PS : not scolding rude word )

Dr. Sandy : Treat all your patient like your favourite grandmother. If i ask you to dispense these paracetamol tablets to your patient, u must ensure that ur favourite grandmother will still alive tomorrow. So, we have to make sure that all the tablets u dispense are safe to your patient. We are doing this ( the analytic work ) not because we need to but is to make sure our product is safe to the patient.

PS: I already rephrase the words from the original conversation.

Well, u can see how important is a pharmacist right? haha..Patient focus is important.

NMR chart for my sample.oi meh!! so complicated. Luckly i manage to understand a bit.

The naughty thing spotted!!!

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John Lee said...

Yo bro!

haha~Look at the NMR chart.
Thats one of the reason I decided to take a break.away from science!

My degree is more on Genetic,true,but also touch on NMR..unfortunately!

Haha,now I'm in Singapore~
Just to let you know.
enjoy life man!

I like your blog,the pictures are detail and very attracting!

Keep in touch dude!