Sunday, June 17, 2007

1.Way to Scotland,Glasgow

Date : 5 June 2007
This a meaningful day to me, to P105 as well.This is the day we are leaving to Scotland, time flies. I gonna miss malaysia for one year, especially my family members and of cos the FOOD!! homecook food, penang delicious hawker food and much much more. no more prawn mee, no more laksa, no more cendol ( unless we can make it ourself, i dont think so,hardly )
P105 is now closer to their goal, and we will definitely return with a degree.
Thanks to my parent and relatives for giving me all the support, financially and metally. I goona miss all of you for a year. I will return with a degree and will make you proud :) Thanks for everything.
From Penang, i will go to Singapore, transit the flight to London and then to Glasgow. A total of 13 hours tiring flight. The seat inside the plane is so small and narrow, hardly for me to have good sleep.What to do, this iseconomic class. My first time sticking my butt on the plane seat, fun and exciting.woo hoo~~ Here we go....I am sure that we gonna have lots of fun in Glasgow, and of course STUDY!!

My ticket from Penang to Singapore. 6.30pm

First meal in Singapore airline. Bread with ham and cheese.

Ticket to London 2225 Malaysia time.
Having a burger at BK.

The plane we going to board, British Airway.

Which one am i going to board??

London, waiting for transit to Glasgow.

View outside the plane.
Looks like ocean with ice on it right? no! this is the scenery outside the plane.
My breakfast..I am now so sick of microwave food. no more please!!

Reaching Glasgow airport

Uni of Strathclyde. Sitting on the field around in the uni campus and waiting for our food prepared by our lovely seniors.

Pattern..i am mouse shit again for doing the wrong post. Guess what is this?

Sunny day, it is summer here. But it only last for 2 days. After that, all gloomy day.

My mentor, thanks a lot for your and your tidy notes.

A street near my hostel

City tour. It is around 22 celcius today, not too cold.

Not sure what building it is but it is nice.
Ouside out hostel. James Blyth Court, Rottenrow East.

Our hostel. Gonna be here for a year.


yannee said...

that picture where weeyeaw is blowing whistle is so funny..
very nice pics u have!!

ti3nD said...

lol..pattern so much.. very good lah post more pics.. i will post soon...