Saturday, May 26, 2007

A big day to P105

Date : 26 May 2007
Time : 10am
Venue : Sheraton Subang Jaya
Today is a big day to all of us, the pharmacy batch P105 as well as other medical sciences. After 5 semester of hard work, finally we manage to gone through all the hectic exam, pass it and complete our phase 1 study in IMU. Good job all my friends and we will continue our hardwork for our phase 2 in Scotland. ( We are leaving preety soon pal, in 1 week plus time )
I only slept for 3 hours before this ceremony and i hope i will still look smart in front of the cameras. Everyday dress up neat and tidy inside the robing room, preety ladies and smart gentlemens. I personally think that we look more like a lawyer in this black robe instead of pharmacist. ( I personally code this as the batman suite after seeing Su Jian acting like a batman on atrium that day )

Rehearsal started at 7.45am and the ceremony only begin on 10am. It only takes about 2 hours to complete this simple yet meaningful ceremony. ( The chancellor speech take up 20 minutes plus, i gonna fall asleep )
Congratulation to all my buddies who able to make their names inside the Dean list. ( To Su Jian, Adam, Kim Hoe, Hee Sheong and Min Tien, dont worry we have another call the DOTA list and we are in the list,haha..HS should i put it under FOOD?? )

Let me post up some pictures of the day, all the pharmacy students are camera-philic. U guys many pattern hoh.. Well, this memory will always remain and i will never forget his day.

Yen Wee, Gordon,me and Haw Chun.

Joey, Jin Werne and Siu Ann.

Hee Sheong, Chew Yee, Eunice, me, Angeline, Wei Li and Geok Ying.

Happening boys group, eh Qristine how come you are there?

Future pharmacists..
My good friends in IMU. Thanks my friends for all the support along the journey towards our goal. :-)

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