Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sem 5 lo~

Cant believe that i am already in the 4th week of semester 5 and is going to end soon ( today is thursday lo ). Sometimes i really wish that i have the super ability to control the time.
When come to work, time is always insufficient to me. But when come to certain things, i hope i can move slower.
There are many i wish to do and i have to do. Should motivate myself to complete it. 3 months later, i will be leaving IMU. Thats the end for my local uni life, there goes RM13k X 5 = buying module notes and study only,cis~
Suffering from insomnia recently, but i am not sure should i named it as 'insomnia'. The symtoms are irregular~ i wonder why too. I can fall asleep on12am but sometimes my eyes are still open until6am ( without having nap at the evening ). That means i only sleep few hours a day. But the next day, i will totally paralysed on my bed,haha~
Something wrong with my biological clock and i hardly switch it back,so be it..
Allright enough for now, need to find ideas for convo mag and poster~ ciao~