Saturday, November 11, 2006

money, work

5.30am now, and I am still awake. Just finish my job after facing the computer for more than 4 hours. I wonder why my brain is still hyperactive, not even feel sleepy . Have insomnia recently, my biological clock is totally upside down now. Hardly to switch it back to normal. This is normal to me especially during holiday period, when the time I need to stay up late to do something. In other words, I am used to it.

Work,work,work. I knew money is important although with money u can’t get everything but u can get many things. Getting older and older now and my thinking change. I more and more understand the burden of supporting the family. I wish I could graduate earlier so that I can start working. At least with my income, my parents no need to work until late night and so hard. Haih.. When I am reading newspaper, I am trying to understand at the finance section which I will not even look at it last time. 21 years old punya aku changed already oh. I think I should plan my saving properly. I am now 21, still have sufficient time for me to work hard and fulfill my dream.ngek2.. Sedikit sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit.

P.S. I think my English really poor, I write a better blog with using Chinese.