Sunday, October 15, 2006

Time to remember

Semester 4 passed so fast. Overall, i am happy with sem 4 life other than the time having the final exam ( stress la ) First time feeling so stress for sem 4 and it is tough la. Experienced lots of memorable and happy moment with all the good friends and i will remember it forever. Do u realise? happy moment always pass faster. In contrast, it is so slow like a snail crawling when u r sad. So, we should always appreciate what we have now. We cant pase the time but we can capture the moment. This is one of the reasons why i love pictures so much. A picture says thousand word and it always remind all the happy time i gone through.Very soon, i will be 21. I wonder what i de for that past 21 years,haha. I think i still need to improve myself. I dont like life without improvement, it is so sien without updating. For now, let me enjoy the holiday before the hectic semester 5 begin. ( i think the holiday is too long la, althought i am working now but i am still sesat) The pharmacy football team.

Male and Female volleyball team.

Silver for male volleyball.
Pharmaknights performing their dance. keng ah!!!
A group picture with all the cheer leaders.
Number 7 the best le. Wahaha~~
A group pic with sem 5. A very nice and close match. Hope to play with u guys again.
Pharmacy volleyball team. The dream team ya.

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MuFFy said...

couz.. u know, my vball jersey is number 7 as well .. hahahahahaha!