Thursday, October 19, 2006

Peaceful night~

Is 4.17am now and i am still awake. I sat in front of the computer for more than 5 hours already. what i did? I cropped 500 copies of pictures until my finger numbed already. My eyes are going to drop out, my dark circle getting darker and darker.haha, but i am still satisfy because i manage to finish it.
I like to sit in a music room, listen to nice music during night time. Everything seem so calm,quiet and relax at night. Even the music sound much more nicer. Do realise that?? At night, i can concentrate very well and my mind is more calm. Thats why i prefer to study at night compare to day time, oh ya and there is more absorption into the brain.haha.
I duno what happen to my wrist recently. It start aching for the pass 2 weeks. Went to see 'metal punch' ( duno what is the word, copy this word from mei wen, means tie2 da3 in chinese ) but i dont think it works. Or maybe it needs more time to recover cause i did not see any doctor once i percepted the symptoms.
I have to recover before NOV 18 for a selection for IMU team. Hopefully, i can.
While i was doing my work, i am listening to the song by David Tao and Jolin named 今天你要嫁给我. I like this song and i wonder how many times i repeated it. The lyric is nice too.
春暖的花香 带走冬天的极寒,微风吹来意外的爱情
听我说 手牵手 跟我一起走创造幸福的生活.
昨天已来不及, 明天就会可惜,今天嫁给我好吗.
冬天的忧伤 结束秋天的孤单,微风吹来枯了的思念,
听我说 手牵手 跟我一起走过著安定的生活.
昨天已来不及 明天就会可惜,今天你要嫁给我.
听我说 手牵手 我们一起走把你一生交给我.
昨天不要回头 明天要到白首今天你要嫁给我
What a sweet song.haha. I like to listen to duet song. 珊瑚海 and 屋顶 are nice too.ok la, time to bed. zzzz......

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ti3nD said...

the lucky person ther to hav u to crop 500 pics will be so blessed...

fast recover for ya wrist..

one more hr is ur burfday..

happie 21st burfday!! :)