Tuesday, September 19, 2006

worst day~

Yesterday was the worst day to me.sigh.. Due to my mistake, i unable to defend the title for pharmacy. Moreover, i played like shit on the court, dreaming, mistake, lost concentration,emotional etc. I wonder what the hell am i doing inside the court. Although i able to drag the game into the third set, but i wasted the chance. Looking at the first and second match, we lost. To win, is only me to take down the third match..Over pressure i think. This is the worst game i played. We are out from the final..

No matter how, we will stil try our best for bronze. At least 8 points for pharmacy.

Something has made my day even worse by receiving the message from my uncle. My beloved grandfather passed way peacefully on the same day. I knew it this morning, and i stunned~
Dont even have the chance for me to give him a packet of mooncake. Everything is too late.sigh~
well, this is life, unpredictable.

Now i have to do is to focus on my study. I want to pass my semester 4!
allright enough for now, time to go back and pack my stuffs. Going back to my hometown tomorrrow. huh~~ study study study


Anonymous said...


ti3nD said...

neva give up yeah.. haha!

thks whoeva..yeah min tien hui geng hao! :)

huiyin said...

sorry for the unfortunate events, ah pek...nvm bout bmt dy:)
ti3nd: MING TIEN hui geng hao, u mean..learn ur han yu ping yin..dun perasan.

ti3nD said...

geez.. its ming tian actually larhh..

it means me oso larh hee :)