Tuesday, September 19, 2006

worst day~

Yesterday was the worst day to me.sigh.. Due to my mistake, i unable to defend the title for pharmacy. Moreover, i played like shit on the court, dreaming, mistake, lost concentration,emotional etc. I wonder what the hell am i doing inside the court. Although i able to drag the game into the third set, but i wasted the chance. Looking at the first and second match, we lost. To win, is only me to take down the third match..Over pressure i think. This is the worst game i played. We are out from the final..

No matter how, we will stil try our best for bronze. At least 8 points for pharmacy.

Something has made my day even worse by receiving the message from my uncle. My beloved grandfather passed way peacefully on the same day. I knew it this morning, and i stunned~
Dont even have the chance for me to give him a packet of mooncake. Everything is too late.sigh~
well, this is life, unpredictable.

Now i have to do is to focus on my study. I want to pass my semester 4!
allright enough for now, time to go back and pack my stuffs. Going back to my hometown tomorrrow. huh~~ study study study

Thursday, September 07, 2006

No more injury~

Well, IMU CUP started on 5/9/06, and for the first football match, we drew with semester 3 after tough match of a score 2-2. This coming friday, we will have another tough match against sem 5, and this time, we will never repeat our mistake during the first match.

Everyone work very hard, practicing very often for IMU CUP. A number of my friends suffering from injury during the practice and the match. Muscle ache, sprained anlkle, foot ache+swollen and muscle fatigue?? ( not that serious kua ) and etc. Even myself, having muscle ache at the left thigh. I walk like a zombie, but pretend to be normal~haha!! Luckly i am able to recover before this friday, or else i dont think i can run with the speed of light. ( u believe it?? just crapping )

Anyway, hope everyone will be fit, so that we can do our best for pharmacy.
Small tips to everyone, wear ankle and knee gaurd during activity. shin guard for footballer and bulletproof vest if u wish to,haha~
Allright, enough for now. Time to eat books~

Friday, September 01, 2006

2 weeks more~

Never update my blog for more than 3 weeks. Dont even have the time for me to sit down and think what to write on my blog. huh~ 2 weeks left before end of my semester 4. I am now busy here and there, training, studying,sleeping,eating,DOTAing,day dreaming and other things. Time is not enough for me!! i need 48 hours a day to complete all my job.

Really hate doing HP eassay. Too many reading to do and i am so lazy to read all the journals. I hate reading journals. Why?? Because i duno what is the whole passage crapping about~oh no~but i am forcing myself to understand the content.

Next tuesday, the first match for IMU cup begin. For the football match, pharmacy will face sem 3 for the first match. This match is so important for us to qualify to the semi final. We will try our best to win this match.hehe~ allright stop crapping here, time for training.

NOTE: I HAVE CHANGE THE SETTING FOR THE BLOG SO THAT ANYONE CAN POST THEIR COMMENT ( previously, i did a silly mistake from blocking others to post a comment :P )